About us

Pilmart.com is a premium e-commerce portal for online Astrology consultation and remedial products, Online Pooja services and Astro services, This innovative combination of cyber space and astro space has brought thousands of highly satisfied online customers and our Vedic astrologers together on a dedicated and easy-to-navigate platform. Our rich blend of products and services not only provides a wide spectrum of astrological services and astrological products on demand but also engenders long-lasting relationships between families from all over the world and our astrological consultants. There are four essential service categories that Pilmart.com provides:

Consult with our Astrologers today

Using cutting edge technologies such as multimedia video and audio, podcasting and rich content delivery that is served up in real time, StarsTell.com is able to connect you with highly qualified and experienced astrologers over the phone and internet instantly the moment you contact us. Our services include

  • Astrology Consult services
  • Horoscope preparation
  • Astrological charts Astro advice and consultation
  • Janam kundlis
  • Gun matching services
  • Wedding astrology
  • Birth astrology
  • Muhurtha services

Our astro consulting services are affordable and come to you in all major Indian languages as well as in English via e-mail, regular mail and over the phone based on appointments set up by you according to your convenience. Pre consultation through e-mail is free and responses are sent to you within a day.

Online Pooja Services

We are among the first few Internet portals to deliver live online pooja services to devotees around the world. Our pooja rituals follow vidhi to the spirit and are performed by experienced temple priests. We use state-of-the-art technology to bring your pooja to your desktop so that you can be a part of the auspicious moment. Your pooja will be conducted in strict accordance with Vedic norms and procedures by a qualified Brahmin pujari or Hindu priest as you watch and actively participate online with your family, relatives and friends. Our online pooja services include:

  • Poojas for good health and wealth
  • Nakshatra poojas
  • Poojas for fasting days
  • Poojas and yagnas to celebrate important occasions in your life
  • Poojas on festival days

Vastu Services

Vastu services from StarsTell set the course right for a happy, prosperous and productive future. With its deep set origins in ancient vedic sciences, Vastu is perhaps the most scientific architectural diaspora that has ever evolved to date. Call us or write to us for reliable and thoroughly charted vastu services in areas such as:

  • Vastu for selection of land for construction purposes
  • Vastu for bhoomi Poojan
  • Vastu for offices, shops and factories
  • Vastu for residences
  • Vastu remedies for pre-existing structures

Astro Remedy Products

StarsTell brings to you a wide range of high quality and reliable astrology products meticulously sourced from reputed manufacturers who themselves follow spiritually ordained business practices. Our products include:

  • Gemstones
  • Rudraksha beads
  • Yantras
  • Feng Shui products
  • Charms and talismans