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Importance :- If there is association of Rahu or Ketu with Jupiter in any horoscope then Guru Chandal Yog is formed and problems for sure to appear to test our patience level. So, if there is such a condition present in the horoscope, then consult an experienced Astrologer to get detailed analysis done and perform remedial measures to get rid of it. How to nullify this Dosh, you may consult our Astrologers and get appropriate guidance along with booking of puja done online.

Process of Worship :- After creating Panchang Vedi, NavGrah Mandap etc. and taking proper sankalp of Panchang Gods, invite the Isht God and worship as per the process. And Guru Chandal Dosh creating planets mantra jaap should be done with proper sankalp taking procedure. To get the best result of this, one should do it in the right Muhurat. Without the proper Muhurat, Puja becomes fruitless.

Hawan Vidhi :- Dashamsha Hawan of total JaapTarpan and Marjan is very important to perform otherwise there will be no benefit of the Pujan.

Duration :- day is required for this.

Brahmin :- Brahmins are needed.


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