Shree Navgrah Yantra


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Product Description
Shree Navgraha Yantras: If you wish to shower your home or office with an aura of general well-being, happiness and prosperity seven days a week 365 days a year, the Shree Navgraha Yantra is for you. This Yantra is uniquely different from the other yantras because it combines synergistically the positive forces of all nine planets and reduces if not eliminates the harmful effects of planetary movements as they impact your life. The Yantra is divided into nine equal squares and each square represents a planet. The Shree Navgraha Yantra is the Yantra for stability and perfect balance. You should carry it with you at all times especially when you are traveling to reduce risk and exposure to prevailing forces that may possess a negative attribute. Getting ready to make an important sales presentation, attend an interview or cut an important business deal? the Shree Navgraha Yantra will bring you good luck because stability and good luck invariably go hand in hand. &
Product Features
4×4” size allowing you to keep the Shree Navgraha Yantra conveniently in many places in your home or office Exquisitely crafted 24 ct authentic gold plating designed to give the Shree Navgraha Yantra an eternal shine Individually worshipped and made even more powerful by our astrologer through pooja, mantra and rituals before it is sent to you.


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