Navratri Puja


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Importance :- For every house holders, it is said that Durga Paath is very much important for them. To ward off every troubles of life, worshipping Maa Bhagwati is widely advised by the scholarly people. It is known that Goddess Durga is very kind and she always showers Her blessings to Her devotees. Major obstacles of life also get removed from the path of the devotees when we remember Her name and chant the Durga Paath the She becomes pleased quickly and helps us to get out of troubles successfully. To know the simple procedure to do this Paath, you may speak to our learned Astrologers and get right guidance without fail. You may book online puja also, without delay.

Process of Worship :- After creating Panchang Vedi, NavGrah Mandap etc. and taking proper sankalp of Panchang Gods, invite the Isht God and worship as per the process. And Maa Bhagwati as worshipped in NavRatre or whenever you feel the need of it you may perform Durga Paath. To get the best result of this, one should do it in the right Muhurat. Without the proper Muhurat, Puja becomes fruitless.

Hawan Vidhi :- Dashamsha Hawan of total Paath and Marjan is very important to perform otherwise there will be no benefit of the Paath.

Duration :-  day or days required for this Paath.

Brahmin :- Brahmin Panditji is required. 


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