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Shree Yantras: The Shree Yantra has been associated with inner peace, prosperity and a general state of human well-being for thousands of years. According to Sage Bharadwaj, the Shree Yantra can bestow ldquo;totality in liferdquo; especially if it is made of metal, is energized with holy Vedic mantras and sanctified in the right spirit. The Shree Yantra contains a very mystic inscription which is made of seven triangles. Around the Shree Chakra, three margins are etched which are emblematic of the three energies. A combination of these three energies transforms the Shree Yantra into a potent source of positive energy which radiates continuously in its immediate surrounding. Due to its unique qualities, the Shree Yantra can bring a high level of prosperity, financial freedom and overall professional and personal success into your life. There are some who believe that there is never a dearth of material wealth in homes with the Shree Yantra. Order the Shree Yantra from Pilmart today and unleash the power of positive forces in your home.


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